Como si la puerta abandonada se cerrase / Diego Sequera

As if the abandoned door had closed

      As if the abandoned door had closed, the state of things comes out on its own; in itself described by means of the exit. Two oblique views don’t coincide along the way. The derivation concludes by pushing the agents that muddle their own common desire; to unify what has been in a new transfer. The essence of escape is found in all objects. Regarding the repulsion of its poles in suspense, fortunately. It’s endured thanks to the imposed tension. But another tension that invades emerging from the peripheries hinders the original resistance of things. The idea emerges forged in careless spheres of the same thing multiplied. Every goshawk sprouts irradiating the restraint of the moment sought. Not arriving. Oh entire genius wearing shoes of broken glass. In this way impatience is nothing more than the fertile surplus. Everything exits through the same coincident door. The measure denounces its own mistake of not truly calculating what the previous words say. Don’t trust. The wings of things emerge letting them fall like an initial nest. Inert, coercive. You can’t put up with too much for so much. So much more, so much worse. While you keep saving wind in a pocket without a hole, there’s no doubt it endures. The sky is oblique according to expectations. For me it’s mere lines. What a marvelous afternoon dissolved itself in the contrast between a space divided along skin and wall. Each ruled by its own constellation, according to temperament. That instant when things gain transparency once the contact with light is defined, how they acquire totality in not saying it, precisely!

{ Diego Sequera, Poemas irresponsables, Caracas: Fundación Editorial El perro y la rana, 2011 }

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