He decorado la traición de la belleza / Jesús Montoya

I have decorated beauty’s betrayal

I have decorated beauty’s betrayal.
I have made ignorance my behavior.
I have believed all the secrets,
because everything remains.

The words are choking me. I will never again lack this impossible oath to curse them. I know I live because I sing. I still possess the frightening laugh. I won’t hide anything. I feel tormented, shining, shining. Open your chest. I’m not acting. Look at me, I’ve kept the sea in my eyes forever. Let me inflate my consciousness in space. The horizon is marvelous. I’m not faking it. No one will come and spill their hands on my body because no one is listening to me. No one will edge the limit. No one will grow by embracing my words. No one. Listen closely to what I tell you: the words are burning me. That’s what freedom is like, shining, shining. Every day I feel myself disappear a little bit more. Silence, silence. My misfortune is terribly alien and its story is fleeting. Silence, silence. The birds sing and announce my departure.

{ Jesús Montoya, Primer viaje, Maracaibo: Movimiento Poético de Maracaibo, 2014 }

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