Comentarios / Fernando Paz Castillo


And I already feel the coming
of what we don’t see, because
before arriving
we’ve already left.

And together we fear it
my shadow and I,
eternal walkers
who have never
faced each other
and yet have been companions.

And the one amid smiles,
praise and anxiety
and the other eternally silent.

And that’s how it is
because I take with me
what I’ve had,
because I take with me
what I’ve waited for,
because I take with me,
what still hasn’t come.

And by the rhythm of this silent
I will approach the peak
or the abyss...

And there will be no more future
nor past,
nor marching nor return,
but only a black branch
—the shadow of a branch—
over the song.

Encuentros (1980)

{ Fernando Paz Castillo, Poesía, Caracas: Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1986 }

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