Caracas / Francisco Catalano


                  [Caracas, 2010. Guillermo Parra]

Caracas my Caracas: nuclear Caracas: Caracas overflowing point a valley one kilometer from the water: Caracas cell: Caracas alphabet soup of foul-mouthed corners: bubble Caracas: oxygen explosions Caracas: Caracas village: Caracas of my pedestrian word: suffocated and suffocating Caracas: Caracas... and a sky of ellipses: Caracas sunset on the Fajardo freeway sheltering smoked solitudes at 20%: Caracas furious winged heights: Caracas minutely calculated role of an idiot riddled with bullet holes: Caracas of the Motorized lord: Pontifical Caracas of gangster & police funerals: Caracas schizophrenic girl with psychic menstruation and a blade in her hand: Caracas mother Lionza sacrificing her pelvis toward the sky: Caracas “touch and go”: Caracas Pedagógico, Jachico and Distrito: Caracas of immigrants with no tourists: Caracas and parents from the provinces: Caracas and European grandparents: Caracas childhood to and fro: Caracas 462-0886: Caracas the Cuadrito de San Juan: Caracas, tower C, 8th floor, apt. 84: Caracas Valley of Bullets: Caracas Rotten Town: Caracas Ultrafunk: Caracas Sentimiento Muerto: Caracas Zapato 3: Caracas Desórden Público: Caracas Greenwich Pub: Caracas La Belle Époque: Caracas El Maní es Así: Caracas cubic mountain to the potency and to the potency: laminated Caracas of “Caracas, Caracas... I love this city so much”: Caracas jungle of beasts that repeat and repeat: “everything else is snakes and mountains”: Caracas of “C’mon, c’mon, Caracas / Give me another star”: Caracas Ávila-wave building a wall around us like a totem-compass: Caracas macaw skylight: Caracas infinite paleolithic light: Caracas of vulture archangels: Caracas fat and volatile smog poems: Caracas one more one the same one and always one: Caracas Chromosaturation: Caracas Soto’s Sphere: Caracas mediocre mural of Bolívar crying in El Paraíso: ultra Caracas of the fifties: ultra Caracas of the two thousands: promised ambidextrous Caracas I still dream of: Caracas overpopulated pressure cooker: Caracas of my anti-Caraqueño natives so addicted to Caracas: Caracas without a center, but inside: Caracas Cabrujas: Meneses: Grupo Tráfico: El Techo de la Ballena: República del Este: Caracas of the red tile rooftops, inconceivable today: mythical Caracas of Lions, with unconquered mane: Caracas of chieftain spirits, still the lords of the valley: head of an acephalous country: legalized urbanistic accident: palimpsest of shipwrecks you erase and write and rewrite all its names: fuck: let them bury me in your valley and plant a giant Araguaney above me.

{ Francisco Catalano, Caracas a Cámara, 21 March 2015 }

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