Luces de selva / Vicente Gerbasi

Jungle Lights


Drops of dew illuminate
sunrise orchids.
The jungle that murmurs
and sings in the blue
of the senses.
Birds fly
through fluvial gardens.
The day returns
to our enchantment
like the sun amid gold trees.


Paradise once again
with mountain roses.
In a day the color of honey
my childhood proceeded
while still
awaiting the star
that lights up
over the roof's
red tiles.
is the birds that sleep
in the dark foliage.


In the rain of the wind
the lightning illuminates
vegetable ghosts
of night.
The doors of the hours
open and close.
I wander solitary in eternity.

{Vicente Gerbasi, El solitario viento de las hojas, Caracas: Tierra de Gracia Editores, 1989}

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