Presencia / Rafael Cadenas


suit colors,
skin tones, so immediate!
in the eyes
tired of being mine.

Let the eyes
recover from you.

The eyes’ only doctrine
is to see.

Whoever taught the eyes to read
erased paradise.

The owner is afraid.
The eyes only have reality.

What arrogance: to give lessons to the eyes,

If another world is possible
it must be this one
from a pair of eyes
subjugated by diaphanousness.
Illegible plasmation,
hidden inheritance,
hieratic dominion.

The eyes are not scared
and they’re not brave.

“I have eyes,
not points of view.”

What am I doing
behind the eyes?

Memorial (1977)

{ Rafael Cadenas, Obra entera, México DF: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2000 }

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