El que está siempre / Rafael Cadenas

The one who’s always

The one who’s always
remaking himself doesn’t have a language,
contains himself, babbles, takes notes.
This is how he tries to love himself.
Wears a costume over the storm
with his errands,
the coming and going between gathered
words, as if they could
ever be a floor.
Maybe an honest
concurrence would protect him
from its cold.

{ Rafael Cadenas, Sobre abierto, Valencia, España: Editorial Pre-Textos, 2012 }


Lizabel Mónica said...


I love your blog and I always find your translations as a very good contribution. You not only give us readers a nice piece of work but also draw attention to very important writers from the Spanish speaking world.

I only have one suggestion/request. Could your publish also the original poem in Spanish? It would be useful for the bilingual readers and you could have more readers from the Spanish world as well.

Anyway, nice work!

Guillermo Parra said...

Hi Lizabel,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your suggestion. It's especially true for the poems from Venezuela I translate because they tend to be very hard to find outside Venezuela or particular libraries.

I've been meaning to reorganize this blog's design for a while now. And including the original Spanish poems along with my translations could be a good element of that redesign. Right now I don't have the time to embark on that redesign, but I hope to sometime next year.

Thanks again for reading & commenting.