Soles / Guillermo Sucre


In some primordial landscape of my life
They awaken alone on the horizon
The clay in the sky opens up
The world’s first seed
Butterfly burning with the slowness of silence
Moderation and a long flight
The earth becomes transparent
It’s the first day and the last one
Torrent of clarity
Light and shadow are mirrors
The river passes through us its waters overflow
I see myself and have lost everything save
The moment that clarifies me
Owes them the memory that later explodes
In the delirium of midday
Sparkling head rolling
Allude to the abyss below
Cold fever a tree collapses
The beach cracks open invades me
The sweaty ocean of the shade
But in the end I always recover them
One afternoon a thousand years later in another country
With the same sacred glory

Guillermo Sucre, La mirada (Caracas: Tiempo Nuevo, 1970)

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