En el ocio / Guillermo Sucre

At Leisure

                                            un homme saute dans le soleil

I see beaches a green water fish
your body that’s a golden shadow
    a knife
that splits the sun in half
I glimpse the light trembling of your sex
like algae damp palpitation
and midday’s pulse in my temples
I see a horse on the prairies of Virginia
the edge of the afternoon its breathing
blue and ocher like buffalo from the West
I see an already forgotten forest
in my austral memory
the remotely blind sun
the birds that fled this snow
so familiar so strange already
I see what I see what I write
on this on the other
where everything’s erased

En el verano cada palabra respira en el verano (1976)

{ Guillermo Sucre, Conversación con la intemperie. Seis poetas venezolanos, selección y prólogo de Gustavo Guerrero, Barcelona, España: Galaxia Gutenberg/Círculo de Lectores, 2008 }

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