El verano sacudía / Guillermo Sucre

The summer shook

The summer shook its cracked scarlet salamander tail.
I said to myself, it’s extermination.
It was the plumed acrimony of the climate, buzzing.
The dry sound of the pines, where the light creaks.
The earth’s intoxication, its fury later disseminated in the afternoons.
The sea that knows its own lethargic humor and then it was shining;
copious idol, profaning with its lasciviousness the most solitary coasts.

We lived thanks to that splendor.

La mirada (1970)

{ Guillermo Sucre, Conversación con la intemperie. Seis poetas venezolanos, selección y prólogo de Gustavo Guerrero, Barcelona, España: Galaxia Gutenberg/Círculo de Lectores, 2008 }

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