Introito / Ludovico Silva


Herein lie the scarce living remains of a long shipwreck.
After ten years of continuous and golden death, all I have
left to say is: I have a corner, a little corner where
I can breathe, I once more believe in poetry, or she
believes in me again! It’s hard to shout in the dark so
the words flee our mouths like luminous stones.
Writing before death is the only thing that a poet
can truly do. That’s why the words of a poem should
all be fatal. Despite the dark games and delicate
tortures, death has the color and the vigor of
hope. If not, how would it be possible to make poetry from it?
Death first makes poetry of us, it writes
verses and prose on our bodies, it drives us waving divine
flags towards the great dwelling. Maybe death will be the best
thing life has. It’s the chance to reconcile ourselves
with time, which is our substance.
Death reclines beside me like a faithful lover, or like a
piece of forgotten gold. I take her in my hands, and
transform the lover into beloved, and the gold I transform into

21 October 1978

{ Ludovico Silva, Cuaderno de la noche, Caracas: Editorial Arte, 1979 }

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