"Every day is like Sunday"

Was it from Morrisey's first solo album? Nice reading last night by David Perry, Mike County, and Nick Piombino in Cambridge. Haven't had a chance to read other blogs yet, too much "work" for work to do just now.

Enjoyed talking w/ Mark Lamoureux & hearing poems. Thanks, Nick, for the books. I read your Two Essays last night:

"The truth is what we must repeat. The facts are what we must accept. This is why the truth is poetic and the facts journalistic."


This week has been spent listening to Julieta Venegas, (BMG Entertainment, México, 2003).


And wondering if Sonic Youth's magnificent song "Schizophrenia" could be read as an allegory:

"I went away to see an old friend of mine
His sister came over she was out of her mind
She said Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin
She was laughing like crazy at the trouble I'm in
Her light eyes were dancing she is insane
Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain
She keeps coming closer saying: 'I can feel it in my bones'
Schizophrenia is taking me home

My Future is static
It's already had it
I could tuck you in
And we can talk about it
I had a dream
And it split the scene
But I got a hunch
It's coming back to me"
{Sister, SST Records, 1987}


The rest of the week and now, of course, spent thinking about Venezuela, hoping there can be a peaceful transition. I have no energy right now to write about it, but the news I hear is good so far.


Reading Elizabeth Schön, Eileen Tabios, and Francisco Pérez Perdomo.

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