From this point on, my translations will often be leaning more toward drafts, versions. I've got longer projects with translation that need time rather than posting. Just received in the mail today Chain 10 issue on translation that, from the editors' note and the index, I look forward to reading soon.

Part of what's good for me about translation is the enhanced reading aspect of the mode. Reading so slowly and getting acquainted with repetition techniques and styles. Also, the travel aspect of translation is exciting--fits nomadic curse/blessing.

Hope to translate the first two poems below by Martha Kornblith soon. The third one ("Ese poeta que me mira") I lost in English, stuck with meaning. But the Spanish of the original is Caracas for me, its beautiful lure. Of course Kornblith was also quite adept at writing that city's failures and fears. But it's her sounds in this poem that I love--the water bubbling from the water fountain at night alongside the crickets in the UCV hallways ("bebe un sorbo").

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