"And to me it is strange that it is only now, as I write, that I see, like the sympathetic historian of a revolution who detects the seed of disaster in some minor and unregarded action, it is only now I see that all the activity of these years, existing as I have said in my own mind in parenthesis, represented a type of withdrawal, and was part of the injury inflicted on me by the too solid three-dimentional city in which I could never feel myself as anything but spectral, disintegrating, pointless, fluid."

{ V.S. Naipaul, The Mimic Men, 1967 }


"vocabulary spills, I'm ill"

{ Nas }


"Energy building
Takin' all types of medicine
Your ass thought you were better than
Ason I keep planets in orbit"

{ Old Dirty Bastard }

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