From Notebooks #18-20 (1993)

"...the most fleeting thought obeys an invisible design and can crown, or inaugurate, a secret form..."

{ Jorge Luis Borges }

"Here comes that song I love so much
Makes me wanna fuck shit up
I've got nirvana in my head
I'm so happy I'm not dead"

{ Juliana Hatfield }

"After the hurricane we slept on the sand.
We watched our walls get washed into
the ocean.
It was like a prayer
denying itself word by word."

{ Dionisio D. Martínez, History as a Second Language }

"Qué contenido, el de esta casa encantada,
me da muertes de azogue, y obtura
con plomo mis tomas
a la seca actualidad."

{ César Vallejo, Trilce }

"Lovely Dante at night under his flame taking heaven, a place, a system where all is dealt with."

{ Amiri Baraka, The System of Dante's Hell }

"noisily humming with radio messages inside"

{ Allen Ginsberg, Indian Journals }

"Poetry is a vision of the world obtained by an effort, sometimes exhausting, of the taut, buttressed will. Poetry is willful. It is not an abandonment, a free and gratuitous entry by the senses; it is not to be confused with sensuality, but rather, opposing it, was born, for example, on Saturdays, when, to clean the rooms, housewives put the red velvet chairs, gilded mirrors, and mahogany tables outside, in the nearby meadow."

{ Jean Genet, Our Lady of the Flowers }

"...yendo con la orquesta estando con ella y sin embargo tan fuera de la soledad y de la compañía y del mundo: en la música. Volando"

{ G. Cabrera Infante, Tres tristes tigres }

"lyrical murderer"

{ Dr. Dre, The Chronic }

"Hallo una extraña forma, está muy rota
y sucia my camisa
y ya no tengo nada, esto es horrendo."

{ César Vallejo, Poemas humanos }

"He tells me how Vallejo never showed his poetry, that he had tons and tons of it all over his room that nobody had ever read."

{ Anaïs Nin, Diary Vol. II }

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