"albas o penumbras"

The last stanza of Aire sobre el aire is:

"persona indivisible que nos unes a la vida
nos es urgente
tu anillo nupcial, tu esmeralda en nuetro dedo
y que distribuyas entre nosotros
albas o penumbras
y una rosa húmeda
con numen y sílabas de tus vergeles y praderas
amén y amén
al avistar nuestros puertos."


Stephen Malkmus Face the Truth (Matador Records, 2005) sounds good on some songs, "you're the maker of modern / minor masterpieces for / the untrained eye," watching cable TV River Phoenix say on a highway in 1991: "I've been on this road before. I'm a connosseuir of roads. This road will never end. It probably goes around the world."

You could make a good argument for Sonic Youth Goo (1990), taking extended epic stories to twin guitar to make a whole group of years sound similar, 1990 to 1994 about, give or take those varied events, eras can be named with music. Less private than Daydream Nation, which I always associate with the highway between Providence and Cape Cod at night in the summer. I saw them for the Goo tour in a theater at USF. A year later they opened up for Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the Sundome. Thurston Moore was so wasted the guitar hung off the stage by the wire and made a hugely loud feedback sound which echoed off the canvas ceiling dome.

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