Looking forward to reading Stephen Spender, New Collected Poems (Faber & Faber, 2004). Writing before the day, for the day.

Years spent building a library, which remains vulnerable to weather, poverty, accidents, theft, and mismanagement. Some editions kept in boxes or plastic bags on a shelf, others gathering dust beneath open windows. Facing the avenue below, summer trees & in-house concerts.

Diminishing prose, translations lined up but for disguise. Writing an essay on poetics, the place of the cursor on this screen, the floating library.

What I lived a decade ago, in other cities whose influence.

Birds alight in branches, traffic course avenue at dawn.


Typing a partial list of newspaper articles, op-eds on Venezuelan poetry & politics in the last 5 years:

Rafael Arráiz Lucca on Rafael Cadenas in El Nacional
Yolanda Pantin interview TalCual
Harry Almela, letter to Luis Alberto Crespo El Nacional
Joaquín Marta Sosa column in El Nacional
Eugenio Montejo interview TalCual
Elizabeth Schön interview TalCual
Rafael Cadenas, interview El Nacional Spring 2005


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