The very real tradition of a book that can be dismantled into components or expanded with age. Text of multiplied parts, Rayuela or Pobrecito poeta que era yo as two examples of Latin American postmodernism. In Venezuela, Juan Sánchez Peláez brings a disruption in 1951 with Elena y los elementos. The accelerations of: "Ciudad de inenarrable tristeza: / Perezco en tus navíos fatigados, en tus fatales emboscadas." An acknowledgement of a past language, still partly in use, but eventually discarded, from the first book to the final poems in the early 2000s, texts scaled down to single gestures. Sánchez Peláez also being a poet who brought other cities to Venezuela, whether from Santiago in the 1940s, Paris in the 1950s or Iowa and New York in the early seventies. Poetry with no single city, unwriteable.

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