Mundo mágico / Emilio Adolfo Westphalen

Magic World

I must give you black and definitive news
All of you are dying
Corpses death with white eyes girls with red eyes
Girls growing younger mothers all my little loves
I was writing
I said little loves
I say I was writing a letter
A letter a dreadful letter
Another one will be written tomorrow
Tomorrow you will all be dead
The untouched letter the dreadful letter is also dead
I always write and I won’t forget your red eyes
Your immobile eyes your red eyes
This is all I can promise
When I went to see you I had a pencil and I wrote on your
This is the house of the dying women
Women with immobile eyes girls with red eyes
My pencil was a midget and it wrote whatever I wanted
My midget pencil my dear pencil with white eyes
But once I called it the worst pencil I never had
It didn’t hear what I said it didn’t find out
It merely had white eyes
Then I kissed its white eyes and he became a she
And I married her because of her white eyes and we had
     many children
My children or her children
Each one has a newspaper to read
The newspapers of death that are dead
Except they don’t know how to read
They don’t have eyes neither red nor immobile nor white
I’m always writing and I say all of you are dying
But she is uneasiness and doesn’t have red eyes
Red eyes immobile eyes
Bah I don’t love her

Belleza de una espada clavada en la lengua (1986)

{ Emilio Adolfo Westphalen | Peru, 1911-2001 }

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