La visión / Armando Rojas Guardia

The Vision

Unobstructed, the building
suspends itself in the still
timid light of dawn.
Mere iron and crystal
draw that weightless
geometry impelled to seek
the cloud’s glory.

This century is mystical
despite all its cruelties:
it was able to build
an exact moment of innocence
to make it shine for a few minutes,
just before the traffic
that will swarm the city.
An instant later,
                           the aerial architecture
will regain its showcase form,
its vulgar eloquence, its urban pomp.

Meanwhile, the peace of the avenue
is desolate, where the steel,
shining pulchritude floats
giving us back our soul.

{ Armando Rojas Guardia, Patria y otros poemas, Caracas: Editorial Equinoccio, 2008 }

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Jesse said...

I love this poem.