Phantasmal Repeats (Petrichord Books Edition)

Petrichord Books is very pleased to announce the release of Guillermo Parra’s second chapbook, PHANTASMAL REPEATS. Spare, abstract, thoughtful, the poems in PHANTASMAL REPEATS move sneakily within an insular, ambient framework. They are self-referential to an extent but still viscerally linked to the world at large.

PHANTASMAL REPEATS is available in two eye-catching color schemes: red on curry or red on pool. If you have a preference, please specify when ordering. The price is $6 (incl. s/h). Purchase via paypal at


or send a check made payable to Aaron Tieger to the address on the webpage.

Thank you!


I sit alone in the house all day
Recurring rhythms make paste
My ears hummingbird control
An autobiography of loss
Forced into spy situations
On occasion, the rain clouds gather
Graphic proof serial songs
I write fitting spaces
For the sake of secrecy’s map

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