Experiencias menos objetivas / Juan Sánchez Peláez

Less Objective Experiences

to Henri Michaux

My body vomits in all seasons, the anxiety of my body and my clouds.

Spellbound mask of my will, who knew? I descended to the primitive forests of my nostalgia, I was returning sad and proud like the conquerors of night. Dusk adores the slavery of this desolate land. I am my own angel and my only demon. And I await, I await the future.

Patient workers of an embryonic Wonderland: you are too scrupulous to understand me. In a vulcanized creek, with the gold sandal of the deserts, through the coral door of the infernos you will enter, with your matrimonial code, with tyrannical laws, with the cranes of the horizon.

A ghost – very friendly, by the way – softly caresses my hair. And his tenderness like a lion strangled on the Milky Way will never return.

Elena y los elementos (1951)

{ Juan Sánchez Peláez, Obra poética, Barcelona: Editorial Lumen, 2004 }

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