Patas arriba en el techo / Ramón Palomares

Feet Up On the Roof

                                                             To Adriano González León

I know where to find him
where he sings now, eating ants
the bird who flies on top of clouds
the one who knows how to travel through dreams.
He was lying feet up on the roof
murmuring that he felt like killing
and scaring the dogs coming at him from the sky
and spitting tigers
and saying:
I’m definitely gonna fuck up any dogs that come my way
I sure as hell ain’t scared of them.
And with enormous blue wings he hit them and stuck knives in them
and he would call me and say:
Help me, help me.
Then he finished
and started getting into all the clouds
over there, far away, near a lagoon.

Paisano (1964)

{ Ramón Palomares, Antología poética, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2004 }

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