Baile / Ramón Palomares


I have broken the sun
I am a card that shines
my stars are by the cliff.

I was over there laughing, once
and my hair hung down my shoulders and I sang
and everyone stood still and remained

She has come over the hilltops wrapped in fire;
her mouth’s complaint flies
and her songs fly and so do her alluring lips that explode
into night irises;
from midnight to three, from midnight to three
at dawn.
When the musician tightens the cuatro strings
and feet rotate
and the living room burns.

I won’t stop returning
I will illuminate the windows
I will tangle the mare’s mane.
I won’t stop returning.
I won’t stop returning.

Paisano (1964)

{ Ramón Palomares, Antología poética, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2004 }

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