Amanecí de bala / Víctor Valera Mora

I Woke Up to Bullets

     I woke up to bullets
I woke up well magnificently well all surly
today I won’t change a second of my life for a red flag
I would change my whole life for that woman’s hair
tall and blonde when I go to the School of Pharmacy I’ll tell her
I’ll definitely tell her a matter of mine to wake up like this
this morning when I opened the doors with the first gust
stirring knocking everything over my lungs were filled
by the other poets of the Lautréamont gang
great gentlemen barely tolerated by their women
I ask the most frenetic one about his book vagancia city
how I love to complicate my friends I name them all the time
the devil won’t take me alone
she used to be called Frida and she lived in Bavaria
in a house made of big rocks lifted by her Viking lover
her follies in the Sargasso Sea
there’s sun until dawn and I think I’ll never die
and yet I want this day to survive me
I’m disproportionate or excessive and I don’t give anyone advice
but today I can see more clearly than ever and I want everyone else to participate
beautiful day you extol me unbridled happiness
I have no commerce with death I don’t fear it
I carry the life of each day in my blood I am of this world
good like a child implacable like a child
I maintain a steel faithfulness to my childhood dreams
in this point I am Socratic he and I fly kites
we restore the golden age the “what will there be” at the end of the suspended arc
just now a river is moving
there’s a dark-skinned woman of aggressive beauty she told me but you’re so cute
so then I told her doesn’t it happen every two thousand years I lose the thread
day of advent of crazy combat of love at high temperatures
naked we sink into the waters of the same river

Amanecí de bala (1971)

{ Víctor Valera Mora, Obras completas, Caracas: Fondo Editorial Fundarte, 1994 }

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