Relación para un amor llamado amanecer / Víctor Valera Mora

Relation for A Love Called Sunrise

In the spiral galaxy of Andromeda there exists
a florid planet where the rivers don’t drown the sea
where fire and ice burn the contradictions
Where there’s no need for return
Where 0 x 0 is more than infinity
Where the cardinal points are more than a hundred million
North and Lia South and Símbalo Lavender and Araceli
Michael and Adrianne Orpheus and Atabal Cedar and Valkyrie
Mystery and Prodigious Neon and Rose Arcilia Asphalt and Dionysius
Antonio and Elena my poor parents Viceroys of the Indies
My trip to Eastern Europe and East Oleander and Clavichord
Where everyone lives in ecstasy
Where nothing and no one is vile
Where the sun is a ring and wedding ritual
where we are flashes of light and we move in whistles
A clean and polished planet
Where lovers live in floating palaces
Where God has a poorly-attended newspaper stand and he kills time
talking about the past with Buddha and Mohammed and the fruit seller
from the corner and people already know them and people when they pass say
“those four good-for-nothings are some cool motherfuckers”
Where the son of God and the angels of ease
drink the air of the avenues on their frenetic motorcycles
Where there are no military academies or police or jails or coins
Where we are wise Where we are good
Where the last insidious ones
escaped through a tunnel and fell into a vacuum
Paradisiacal star beloved and defended
by sharpshooters and poets
Where death is under the weather
Where the men are kind
Where the women are hyacinth branches
with lips and eyes that change colors
A moderato cantabile star
Where the night is wine and happiness until sunrise
Its capital is a resplendent city called Estefanía
Where you have dominion Where you are queen
That planet is my wandering heart

Amanecí de bala (1971)

{ Víctor Valera Mora, Obras completas, Caracas: Fondo Editorial Fundarte, 1994 }

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