Presentan biografía del poeta José Antonio Ramos Sucre

A Biography of the Poet José Antonio Ramos Sucre Will Be Presented

A biography of José Antonio Ramos Sucre, valuable for both experts as well as those new to his work, will be presented on Saturday, February 1st at the bookstore Kalathos in the cultural center Los Galpones in the Los Chorros neighborhood of Caracas, at 11 in the morning.

José Antonio Ramos Sucre: Creación y vida, written by his descendant Alberto Silva Aristeguieta, is an equally diaphanous and profound outline of the history of the life, actions and suffering of the most universal Venezuelan poet of the first half of the 20th century.

With the initiative of this book produced by the Rosa and Giuseppe Vagnoni Foundation, through Fundavag Ediciones, Alberto Silva explores Ramos Sucre’s life starting from his birth on June 9th, 1890. The book is also a collection of revelations about the 40 years of this erudite man from Cumaná, of testimonies by his contemporaries and letters to his friends and family.

{ El Universal, 27 January 2014 }

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