Una biografía cautivadora: José Antonio Ramos Sucre: Creación y vida

A Captivating Biography: José Antonio Ramos Sucre: Creación y vida

The engineer and writer Alberto Silva Aristeguieta will present his most recent work on February 1st: José Antonio Ramos Sucre: Creación y vida, a biography of the poet from Cumaná.

This latest publication by Silva Aristeguieta, who is also a descendant of writer born in Sucre state, is an outline as transparent as it is deep telling the story of the life, the gifts and the sufferings of the author of Trizas de papel, the most universal poet of the first half of the 20th century.

A text, produced by the Rosa and Giuseppe Vagnoni Foundation, via Fundavag Ediciones, of revelations regarding the forty years of the erudite writer from Cumaná, a descendant of Antonio José de Sucre, seen through the events he lived through and which took him away from his family; the testimonies of his contemporaries, and also through the intimacy of letters for his closest family and friends.

“Silva’s loose prose, prodigious in episodes from that world from 120 years ago where Ramos Sucre was born, subtly describes the man marked by misfortune from childhood, perhaps because of the eight of a lineage that, amidst material scarcity, also deprived him of the affection he desired and overloaded him with rigors that only deepened at each new stage the wounds in his soul as well as the health of this brilliant being,” describes the prologue.

“If Ramos Sucre had been born in Paris, instead of Cumaná, he would be acknowledged as one of the great universal poets,” affirmed Joaquín Marta Sosa, the noted poet and author of one of the best anthologies of Venezuelan poetry published up to now. The author cites him in the first page of this splendorous biography of a master among masters.

The presentation of José Antonio Ramos Sucre: Creación y vida will be at 11 A.M. at the bookstore Kalathos in the Los Galpones art center in Los Chorros, Caracas.

{ Tal Cual, 29 January 2014 }

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