El gran magma / El Techo de la Ballena

The Great Magma

beneath every structure that intends to enclose a process a seed of rupture already exists
we have less capacity for organizing       this is evident       than for living       living is urgent which is why the whale doesn’t need to know about zoology to live

the roof of the whale is founded in the complete uncontrollable lucidity of the orgasm       that only insomnia verifies because the whale is the only valid prism it’s the only prism its barbarism has

few realities are as exciting as a name that breaks all the liturgies of language       the roof of the whale is more than just a name

under its sway all things will have a point of encounter with the intangible       such is the meaning that’s discovered in what the whale has devoured in the skin of the iguana

on the surface of the painting devoured by its own matter the almanacs don’t register everything that can be said about the whale

it’s the cosmic hunger demanding its scream       it’s a gesture       it’s an attitude       just like the singers in style right now the roof of the whale will enjoy an extraordinary popularity

the roof of the whale is a stone animal that resuscitates for the well-being of its guests
the roof of the whale reigns among the frenetic lovers owner of an unconquered matter

Originally published in Rayado sobre el techo, no. 1 (Caracas: Ediciones de El Techo de la Ballena, 24 March 1961).

{ Juan Calzadilla, Israel Ortega Oropeza & Daniel González, El Techo de la Ballena: Antología 1961-1969, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2008 }

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