Para la restitución del magma / El Techo de la Ballena

For the Restitution of the Magma

We have to restore the magma the boiling matter the lust of lava to place a cloth at the foot of a volcano to restore the world the lust of the lava to demonstrate that matter is more lucid than color in this way the amorphous amputated from reality all the superfluous things that impede it from transcending itself overcome the immediacy of matter as a means of expression making it not an executing instrument but yes an acting medium that becomes an outbreak impact matter is transcended the textures tremble the rhythms tend toward vertigo what presides the act of creating which is to force yourself-leave a record that you exist because we have to restore the magma as it falls... informalism relocates it within the full activity of creating reestablishes categories and relationships that science already predicts because informalism also has its mushroom the touch of an arbitrary matter that runs to the most incredulous eyes is a possibility of creation as real and as evident as the earth and stone the mountains configure because we have to restore the magma the boiling matter Adam’s prosthesis.

Originally published in Rayado sobre el techo, no. 1 (Caracas: Ediciones de El Techo de la Ballena, 24 March 1961), shown in the photograph above. Illustration by Ángel Luque.

{ Juan Calzadilla, Israel Ortega Oropeza & Daniel González, El Techo de la Ballena: Antología 1961-1969, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2008 }

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