Juan Liscano / Graciela Bonnet

Juan Liscano
January, 2001

The water’s murmur rushing through the rocks.
The sunny patio, with its rocking chair, its half-finished paintings, its wooden or clay figurines.
The living room sofa with a blanket woven in vivid colors.
The angled window, right by the just-cleaned kitchen, everything calm and ready for a nap.
The smell of the sheets ironed, folded and put away with camphor tablets, a branch of lavender or a cinnamon clove.
An ancient chest, a hobby horse, the dinning room table, a cage sleeping on the windowsill.
The board in the middle with the half empty glasses.
Those words that spoke of a loosed youth.
Of a love until death, of a thought, of a thought
The book that was left open forever.
Paintings, postcards, letters, photographs, music, newspaper clippings
Everything has a face, a voice that speaks to me from inside and tells me goodbye, never, no more.

{ Graciela Bonnet, Libretas doradas, lápices de carbón, Caracas: Lector Cómplice, 2014 }

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