Nos gustaba / Graciela Bonnet

We liked watching the night from the window.
It was a window that opened to the city’s valley and you could see a multitude of lights shinning or turned off.
You were saying behind those lights there was life, people were loving and dying, hating and being born.
I know. I didn’t need to lean out the window to understand there were people in the city who lived their tragedies and their unimportance each day. There was nothing we could do, no matter how much we insisted on staring out the window every night, and repeating to ourselves there were a multitude of lives in the darkness; we couldn’t even understand the moment, the close coincidence threaded in the world allowing us to do that, simply sit together and watch the night, on no particular day, at any window, in an anonymous city.

{ Graciela Bonnet, Libretas doradas, lápices de carbón, Caracas: Lector Cómplice, 2014 }

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