Perdido / Fernando Paz Castillo


I have walked so much
I can no longer distinguish my tracks.
I have lost the trail so many times
and I’ve picked new paths so often
I don’t know where I stand now.

My subconscious guides me:
something learned and forgotten,
a primal force.

Only at the crossroads am I a center.
The suns revolve, the stars pass
and I persist because I’m an idea.

I stop to distinguish and I don’t distinguish.
There are stones, cliffs and weeds,
and trails that flee, blend together,
fall apart in the immense afternoon;
yet, though I’ve forgotten my trail,
My subconscious guides me...

Today I feel a force in me
that seeks displacement,
wants to break itself, but is firm;
wants to escape, but is whole...

...And I have walked so much
I can no longer recognize my tracks.

La voz de los cuatro vientos (1931)

{ Fernando Paz Castillo, Poesía, Caracas: Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1986 }

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