Imagino el futuro desde las calles / Jesús Montoya

I Imagine the Future from the Streets

I imagine the future from the streets
cold and hideous like beautiful years
coming to find me on tiptoes,
years kept at sea,
years of foam,
years in the shape a wave
that cross the streets
where I suddenly need
to write and write until I break;
because I always want to write when I can’t,
because the poems open up
like scars on my hands
when I think I’m a filthy
seer who walks like a blind man
without realizing he can’t even see,
because I always seem to be standing on the heights
and I never remember my falls,
because I know my past and its own distance
and I still love it.
I imagine the future,
I imagine its brevity on my skin,
a caress,
a melody hidden in the breeze.
I imagine the future
and I despise it.
I imagine the future
and I only imagine it,
so I won’t have to remember it.

{ Jesús Montoya, Las noches de mis años, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2016 }

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