Reviví caminos en minutos / Jesús Montoya

I Relived the Roads in Minutes

I relived the roads in minutes, bags of trash, eyes, hands. I relived damp roads, empty, imperiously empty. I relived the roads where youth was a glance and nothing more. I relived the roads and sang my undernourished will in silence. I relived roads and felt the accident, the bus, the week’s broken money, I felt the crowd churning, spitting my reflection, I felt the absence of those who loved me and I relived more roads without calling attention to myself, pointing at the sun with a flower, with a hand caressing my shout. Long live the street, the night, the poem, the eternal curse.

{ Jesús Montoya, Las noches de mis años, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2016 }

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