Canoabo / Vicente Gerbasi


The sky has large white chickens
that float over a silence of trees.
In the patios, grey streams of coffee grains fall
and their murmur is the murmur of the afternoon.
There are slow cows on the streets overgrown with weeds,
where naked children gather
around a pineapple preserves vendor,
where an old man flies a red silk kite
with a wide rainbow tail.
It’s true, the rainbow was up in the damp hills yesterday.
The senses were gleaming in the cacao’s purple fruits.
We were staring at the peacocks for a long time.
In them the afternoon begins a solar sadness.

Los espacios cálidos (1952)

{ Vicente Gerbasi, Conversación con la intemperie. Seis poetas venezolanos, selección y prólogo de Gustavo Guerrero, Barcelona, España: Galaxia Gutenberg/Círculo de Lectores, 2008 }

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