Sentido de la noche / Vicente Gerbasi

Meaning of the Night

The dark silences where the beetles glow,
the warm pupil like rancor where a pine tree burns,
the squirrel’s fear in the middle of the eyes,
a lightning bolt in the fluvial depths of memory,
a moment for me to become a part of the night,
in a pond of stellar insomnia.
The darknesses in the water give me unfinished spaces,
glowing jewels, chandeliers made of nuptial dwellings.

The player wanders around and looks at the spaces:
a tower with its bells in silence,
the king of cups amid the stars,
the horse of swords in darkened hills,
the jack of gold in the pond’s reflections.

The walker covers the tropic’s monotonous year,
the city hidden among its own lights,
listening from the silence of the shadows
to the song of the aquatic birds looking for the rains in the south.

Los espacios cálidos (1952)

{ Vicente Gerbasi, Conversación con la intemperie. Seis poetas venezolanos, selección y prólogo de Gustavo Guerrero, Barcelona, España: Galaxia Gutenberg/Círculo de Lectores, 2008 }

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