El miedo a la conciencia / Ludovico Silva

The Fear of Consciousness

The fear of consciousness
is the fear of my own being.
I’m scared of you, clarity that acts
beacon in the depths of my bones.

I fear you, precious stone
that nourishes and radiates in my head.
Ah, lucidity of lime, snows rays
murderous whiteness.
I want to return to the night of nights,
to that Genesiacal tranquility
where being moved like an unconscious mass
developing in the dark.
Where did this light of my being come from?
Who wanted to stamp it on my forehead
with the sign of suffering?
I have loved you, light,
but I can’t use you anymore in time;
I would need a total light, without a body,
arrived from the blood, but flying towards the cosmos.
Too much consciousness for such a small being!

{ Ludovico Silva, Cuaderno de la noche, Caracas: Editorial Arte, 1979 }

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