Fijos en el tormento / Ludovico Silva

Fixed in Torment

I can feel evil, the tenderness of evil
the softness of the abyss
hatred’s compassionate glance
rancor’s attractive profile
the purest impurity.

I hear the sulphur singing in the tunnels
and the creaking of regret.
I see sins suffering for being sins
yet they enjoy the punishment so much.
The angel becomes more alive for me again
when he was falling toward our time.

And after all, aren’t there two spaces?
Isn’t there one that’s alive and another one dead?
There’s one that’s alive and I can feel it nearby,
the infernal space.
It’s evil what is ours;
good is nothing more than good angels.
There is nothing but men, evil men
like me, in love with their evil
alive in their misery and in their miserable love
fixed in torment.

8 November 1968

{ Ludovico Silva, Cuaderno de la noche, Caracas: Editorial Arte, 1979 }

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