He dejado descansar tristemente mi cabeza / Emilio Adolfo Westphalen

I have sadly let my head rest

I have sadly let my head rest
Under this shade that falls from the noise of your steps
A return to the other margin
Grandiose as the night to deny you
I have left my dawns and the trees rooted in my throat
I have even left the star that ran in my bones
I have abandoned my body
Like the shipwreck abandons the boats
Or like memory when the tide drops
Some strange eyes over the beaches
I have abandoned my body
Like a glove so the hand will be free
In case I have to hold on to the joyful pulp of a star
You don’t hear me lighter than the leaves
And not even the air can chain me
Nor the waters withstand my fate
You don’t hear me coming stronger than the night
And the doors that don’t resist against my breath
And the cities that grow silent so you won’t perceive them
And the forest that opens like a morning
That wants to hold the world in its arms
Beautiful bird fated to fall in paradise
The curtains have already fallen over your escape
My arms have already shut the walls
And the branches leaning over to block your way
Fragile doe fears the earth
The fences are already latched
Your forehead will now fall under the weight of my anxiety
Your eyes will now close over mine
And your sweetness will sprout you like new horns
And your kindness spread out like the shade that surrounds me
My head has stopped rolling
My heart I’ve let it drop
I have nothing else to make me know I’ll reach you
Since I have no hands to grab
From what’s been set aside to perish
Nor feet to weigh over such oblivion
Of dead bones and dead flowers
I might not reach the other margin
If we’ve already read the last sheet of paper
And the music has begun to braid the light you will fall into
And the rivers block your road
And the flowers call you with my voice
Big rose it’s time to stop
The summer sounds like an unfreezing in the hearts
And the dawns tremble like trees when they wake up
The exits are guarded
Big rose, won’t you fall?

Abolición de la muerte (1935)

{ Emilio Adolfo Westphalen, Simulacro de sortilegios: Poesía completa, Madrid: Visor Libros, 2006 }

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